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Youth Soccer
City of Plymouth - Recreational Youth Soccer

  • Fall season open registration is the entire month of June.
  • Spring season open registration is the entire month of January.

Spring 2017 Youth Soccer Registration now closed.

The next registration period, for the Fall 2017 Season, will be the entire month of June.

Severe Weather for Spring Soccer:

  • Your Head Coach will determine any cancellations for practices.
  • All game cancellations due to poor field conditions will be communicated to your   team head coach. The head coach will then convey any field updates.  Please contact your head coach with any questions.
  • Any cancellations for severe weather at game time for House and WSSL  games  will be made by the Referee at the field.  Please report to your field unless  contacted by your head coach.
  • Game time cancellations for the 5U & 6U Instructional Division will be made by the  teams Head Coaches.

New US Soccer Age Divisions starting Fall 2016:

(Now by Calendar Birth Year)

Soccer Age Divisions - Spring 2017

5U - 2012 Birth Year (3v3, Instructional)
6U - 2011 Birth Year (3v3, Instructional)

7U - 2010 Birth Year (5v5 House -Recreational)
8U - 2009 Birth Year (5v5 House -Recreational)

9U - 2008 Birth Year (7v7, WSSL -Recreational)
10U - 2007 Birth Year (7v7, WSSL -Recreational)

11U - 2006 Birth Year (9v9, WSSL -Recreational)
12U - 2005 Birth Year (9v9, WSSL -Recreational)

13U - 2004 Birth Year (11v11, WSSL -Recreational)
14U - 2003 Birth Year (11v11, WSSL -Recreational)

If parents choose, players can play one division older than their true age division. If a parent chooses to register their child "up" more than one division, they must register in person at the Recreation Office.

Players cannot "play down" in a younger division.

 View maps and directions to City of Plymouth soccer and other Plymouth facilities.

Frequently Asked Soccer Questions (For Spring 2017)

When does the Spring 2017 season begin and end?

The Spring 2017 game schedule can begin as early as April 15 and can end as late as June 11 ( WSSL) or June 18 ( House & Instructional).
Practices can begin a week or two before games depending on the age division and the weather.

When are games?
Games are played primarily on weekends but may have an occasional mid-week game. Saturday games can be from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Sunday games can be from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Mid-week games generally begin at 6:00pm or 6:30pm, unless requested differently by the coach.

The Under 5 and Under 6 instructional program generally play on Saturdays, but may play / practice some midweek nights or Sundays if requested by the coach.

When do they practice?
Under 7 and older practice days and fields are determined by the “practice field lottery” held at the general coaches meeting. The time is determined by the coaches’ availability.

Under 5 and Under 6, the coaches have the option of practicing before the games or during the week.

When will I be notified that my child has been placed on a team?
The coaches will call the players approximately three weeks before the game season starts. The coaches receive their rosters at the general coaches meeting, held three weeks prior to when the game season starts.

How are teams determined?
Fall seasons - With the exception of the Under 5 and Under 6 program, all returning coaches are allowed to request players from their previous season if also requested to do so by the player’s parent. Once those players are chosen, an age group coordinator distributes the remaining players and rosters are viewed and approved by all the coaches in the division. Due to roster maximums enforced by the state association and other factors, not all requests for placement can be honored.

Spring seasons - The spring season is a continuation of the fall. Teams from the Fall remain together unless there are specific requests. New players for the Spring season will fill any holes existing on a roster or will form new teams.

I live in Plymouth Township or have a Plymouth mailing address but live in Northville, why do I pay more?
At this time, because no Plymouth Township taxes are put toward recreation services, Plymouth Township residents and persons that live in Northville with Plymouth mailing addresses do not qualify for the lower City of Plymouth resident rates. City of Plymouth residents contribute to the support of the City of Plymouth Recreation Department through their property taxes, therefore, they receive a discounted rate.

Fall 2016 Polices & League Rules  
TOPPS Soccer  - Not a City of Plymouth Program.

Children ages 5 to 19 with disabilities are encouraged to participate in the TOPPS soccer program. The program is open to children with autism, Cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, and other disabilities. Children who use walkers or wheelchairs are welcome. The cost is $25 for the season. Children will need shin guards and a water bottle. Children with Down Syndrome will need a doctor’s note. For program and registration information, contact Mary Poisson at (313) 942-5609.

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Steve Anderson
Recreation Director
Ph: (734) 455-6620 ext. 302

Ron Baase
Facility Operations Manager
Ph: (734) 455-6620 ext. 312

William Keppen
Recreation Supervisor
Ph: (734) 455-6620 ext. 309

Tracey Moran 
Hockey/Arena Operations Coordinator 
Ph: (734) 455-6620 ext. 314 

Michelle VanDenBeurgeury
Facility Coordinator
Ph: (734) 455-6620 ext. 304
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