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Yearly Parking Permit Lower Level Parking Deck
        Permit                         Cost:

        July                             $400
        August                        $367
        September                  $334
        October                       $301
        November                   $268
        December                   $235
        January                       $200
        February                     $167
        March                          $134
        April                            $101
        May                             $  68
        June                            $ 35


Yearly Parking Permit for Lower Level Parking Deck

To avoid receiving tickets for the timed parking in the Lower Level of the parking deck, there is unrestricted 8 hour parking on the Upper Level of the parking deck, along with the parking lots behind the Penn Theater and the Gathering, and at the corner of Harvey and Wing St and the newly acquired lot at Deer and Ann Arbor Trail (former Saxton's lot). Downtown Parking Area Map

If you choose to park in a private lot, you will not be ticketed by the City, however, you may be subject to being towed by the owner of the private lot if it is properly posted.  Michigan Vehicle Code 257.252k

There is an Annual Central Parking Lot permit available for purchase.  The permit runs from July 1 to June 30.  The permit can be purchased at City Hall and the pro-rated fee schedule is above.  Permits must be purchased in person and payment is cash, check or money order only. Permits must be properly displayed in the vehicle to avoid overtime parking tickets.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to make sure it is visible to the Parking Enforcement Officer.