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Timed On-Street Parking - Downtown
Parking areas in the Downtown area are posted for 2 hour on-street, 3 hour parking lots and some lots have 8 hour parking available.  Parking is enforced Monday - Saturday, 9am - 8pm.  Sundays and official holidays are free days.  Maps of the Downtown parking areas are available, showing the posted areas.  Be advised that the City of Plymouth has a graduated ticketing process for Downtown overtime parking only.   The first DOWNTOWN overtime ticket is FREE.  This does NOT include overnight-on street parking violations or any other parking infractions.  Any other overtime tickets that are received within a one-year period will be subjected to the elevated fines.  Also, if your ticket is paid within the first 48 hours of issuance (including weekends and holidays) there is an automatic reduction of $15 in the fine.  Please check your ticket for the correct amount.   Tickets that are not paid on time are subject to a late fee. 

2hr Forest.JPG2hr onstreet.JPGlower level deck.JPG3hr deck.JPG8hr deckhandicapped

Payments can be made in person at City Hall, 201 S. Main St., or at the drop box in the Lobby of City Hall, at the Library Drive-thru, or online at Point and Pay.  Please make sure you are paying the correct amount.  There are no refunds for the incorrect amount paid.  Please check the amount before paying.

If you feel that you have been issued a ticket in error, you have the option of filling out an Administrative Dismissal form and then submitting it to the Chief of Police for his consideration.  If he is unable to dismiss the ticket, due to it being a question of fact, the 35th District Court will have to be contacted for a Court date involving a judge or a magistrate.

There is also a permit available for parking in the Lower Deck area.  Information regarding that process and cost can be found here.

The following is the ordinance regarding vehicles moving to avoid ticketing.

Sec. 70-117. Moving vehicle to avoid time limitation.

The movement of a motor vehicle or conveyance from place to place in a parking lot or the removal of same from such lot and immediate return thereof to the lot shall not be deemed to interrupt the running of the two-hour parking limitation hereby imposed. Such conduct shall be deemed prima facie evidence of intent to violate this article. 
(Code 1982, § 10.26)

Vehicles parking downtown in an area that has designated 2 or 3 hour parking (either on-street or in a parking lot area) are subject to the Ordinance regarding time limitations.  If vehicles are seen by officers moving within a parking area to avoid a ticket, the ticket will still be lawful and issued by the officer.

Downtown parking areas can be found here. Downtown Parking Map.