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City Commission
City Commissioners

Oliver WolcottMayor
Term Expires:2021
Nick Moroz, Mayor Pro Tem
Term Expires: 2021
Suzi Deal, Commissioner
Term Expires: 2023
 Ed Krol, Commissioner
Term Expires: 2021


Kelly O'Donnell, Commissioner
Expires: 2023
Tony Sebastian, Commissioner
Term Expires: 2023
Marques Thomey, Commissioner
Term Expires: 2021

The City Commission is made up of seven residents who then elect a mayor to lead the meetings and perform other ceremonial functions. Members of the City Commission may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms of office. City elections are generally held in the "off year" cycle of national and state elections. Generally there are four seats on the Commission that are available at each election. City Commissioners are elected at large on a citywide basis.

The Seal of the City of Plymouth, Michigan


City of Plymouth
Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022


On Saturday, January 14, 2017, the City of Plymouth Board, Mayor, City Commission, City Manager and Department Heads met to discuss the future of the City.  The discussion began with identifying mutual expectations of the Manager, Mayor, Council Members and Department Heads and steps to continue to have a strong working team.  The discussion continued with developing a shared vision of the City’s future with major strategic goals and key objectives.  The following reflects the main points of their deliberations and decisions.

A Vision Tour

By 2022, visitors to the City of Plymouth will see the following:

·         Vibrant/active downtown

·         Increased and diverse experiences

·         Quality of life through continuing, improving partnerships

·         Collaboration – neighboring towns, school districts, private sector

·         Improving delivery of services through technology

·         Continuous infra-structure improvement

·         Parking/transportation

·         Stable financial picture

·         Flexible public safety model: police, fire, EMS

·         Serious financial issues – legacy and revenues

·         Population flat

·         Development

o   Community

§  Kellogg Park

§  Parking expand and/or replace/repair deck

§  PARC – permanency, taxes

o   Private

§  Saxton's mixed use

§  North Main/Old Village

§  Mill Street/Bathey

·         Staffing

o   Large turnover

o   Service delivery model

o   Privatization

o   Regionalization

o   Merger of operations with other city or municipality

o   Combined staff - shared services opportunities

o   Succession planning

·         Neighborhoods

o   Tear downs will continue

o   Data recovery/maintenance - improve data collection methods/processes

o   Website update

·         Infrastructure

·         Projects

o   PARC prominence

o   One Plymouth Community

o   Saxton’s Development

o   Plan in place for new central parking deck

o   Strong school district

o   Affordable housing

o   Keeping downtown vibrant (adaptation)

o   Succession planning

o   Combined staff resources

2020 One-Year Tasks

Goal Area One – Quality of Life

One-Year Tasks to be Completed in 2020

  • Liquor/marijuana license review
  • Rooftop seating review
  • Adopt Downtown Development Authority Master Plan and identify funding sources for implementation
  • Begin implementation of Kellogg Park Master Plan with fountain replacement
  • Establish format & requirements for public parks sponsorship
  • Resident education program:
    • Zoning basics
    • Ordinance change & update
    • Services
    • Recycling
  • City webpage - Create City wide F.A.Q. “Index” page and push out link.
  • Increase social media presence – 1k new followers/subscribers/etc.
  • Review and evaluate City truck routes
  • Complete update to Special Events policy


Goal Area Two --Financial Stability

             One-Year Tasks to be Completed in 2020

  • Actively promote and participate in the 2020 census
  • Explore internal and external supplemental funding of legacy costs
  • Target revenue enhancements for large scale capital projects, including grants and millage
  • Assist the Michigan Municipal League in facilitating and increasing support for state revenue sharing initiatives
  • Redesign Capital Improvement Plan and evaluate future funding process for Equipment Fund
  • Create a rate card for payment in lieu of paid parking
  • Develop financial plan for public safety model
  • Identify cost estimates, timeframe and potential funding sources for central parking deck
  • Complete Road Bond sale – Phase one


Goal Area Three—Economic Vitality

             One-Year Tasks to be Completed in 2020

  • Continued administration of development projects and proposals
    • Wilcox Mill, Saxton’s, Pulte, Starkweather School, Lumber Mart, various residential builds
  • Branding – consistency across all communications (email, letterhead, agenda)
  • Provide annual process and risk-management training to all boards and commissions
  • Continue implementing Redevelopment Ready Communities plan to achieve certification
  • Develop list of transitional properties and utilize Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Wayne County, others to market
  • Explore marketing partnerships (Schools, Chamber, Hotels, Available Publications etc.)


Goal Area Four—Service Infrastructure

             One-Year Tasks to be Completed in 2020

  • Ultimus Commissio Areae Autocineticae (UCAA, or best/final parking committee) to make parking recommendation to City Commission by end of first quarter
  • Implement updates to parking system according to direction given by City Commission
  • Actively engage employees for further career development for succession planning
    • Special focus on the depth of Cultural Center staffing
  • Continue Asset Management Plan
  • Review International Standards Organization (ISO) Report and International City/County Management Association Study and begin meeting to discuss viable options for the future delivery of emergency services
  • Approve third version of agreement on sanitary sewer with Western Townships Utilities Authority (WTUA) based on delay by Wayne County
  • Develop multi-modal transportation policy for City Commission
  • Implement 2020 street repairs
  • Restore Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) enforcement 
  • Continue Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of the City
Define process/educate citizenry/pursue adoption/Implement form-based codes

Plymouth City Hall

201 S. Main
Plymouth, MI 48170

Ph: (734) 453-1234
Fx: (734) 455-1892