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Community Development Department Customer Service Survey

  1. Please fill out the survey below and give comments and concerns as you feel fit.

  2. When visiting the City of Plymouth website, did you easily find the information needed (applications, ordinances, documents)?

  3. Did the Community Development Department staff treated you with a high level of professionalism and courtesy?

  4. Did you find the application and public meeting process to be well organized and easy to navigate?

  5. How did you find the pace of the application and public meeting process?

  6. Do you feel that the Board you applied to was thorough; understanding your concerns and addressing all of the important and relevant items?

  7. Were the City staff and/or appropriate Board members (if applicable) responsive to your questions, comments, and concerns?

  8. Did you find the application and public meeting process to be a fair and judicious process compared to other municipalities?

  9. Do you feel that the final decision was consistent with the governing guidelines of the City's Ordinance?

  10. Do you feel the permitting and inspection process was fair and judicious?

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